In terms of concrete crushing Chestnut methods, the most vital question is whether the situation really needs to be demolished in the first place. Concrete elements are made to endure extreme pressures. Eliminating them could actually be more difficult than putting them in place.  

The techniques of demolishing concrete, which is incorporated with the efforts of concrete replacement and removal, will be needed especially if there’s: 

  • Planned improvement like road and street modifications 
  • Forest heave 
  • Widespread cracking 

Techniques for widespread demolition 

Demolition service providers work under challenging conditions. Building demolition needs to usually be done in the middle of a city where structures, pedestrians, and traffic become factors. For that reason, a lot of demolition contractors have switched to performing different methods that enable them to work without the typical noise, vibration, and dust linked with demolition. Here are the following: 


This method encompasses concrete cutting equipment together with a crane to assist in removing the sawed concrete. Through this, demolition can be done with extremely little damage, dust, or noise to the nearby structures. Because of this, most of the concrete experts recommend dismantling techniques, commonly using robotic hammering or saw cutting.   

Pressure bursting 

Pressure burning is a method that can be done by drilling concrete holes. If such holes are drilled deep enough, they tend to develop cracks that can be utilized to eliminate a part of concrete. Moreover, cracks can be accurately made where they are required in the concrete if you apply expansive ground to the drilled holes and let it dry for a couple of hours.  


Even if this appears to be counterintuitive, utilizing water to trim concrete has been recognized to be an effective demolition method and this is called hydrodemolition. This can be done using different devices and tools like robotic demolition equipment and handheld guns. However, there are restrictions to hydrodemolition. When you are in remote areas, then this technique is not that cost-effective for you since the water should need to be trucked in that adds up to the costs. Also, in areas where water isn’t a problem, there are commonly local rules about water disposal, specifically water carrying slurry. So, make sure to consult an environmental officer within your area before you use hydrodemolition. 

There’s more to demolition services than techniques 

A trusted demolition professional won’t just bring different types of demolition methods and tools, but they also provide unmatched skills and experience. This is the capability of handling unexpected situations with a devotion to the safety of the worksite and professionalism.  

Because of that, you should only trust the demolition experts if you’re planning to dismantle your concrete structures. The experts understand how important the safety of the workplace is. Moreover. They have extensive knowledge about the usage of different techniques, tools, and equipment, allowing them to do the project efficiently and effectively. These are some of the qualities that you should look for in a demolition service provider. If interested, contact us today.